Basic Social Media Optimization For Your Web Site

SEO is the process of making an online site able to be found in search engines’ rankings.  Social SEO is the use of social media links and social media interaction to increase your presence on SERP, the search engines’ results pages.

There are several ways to optimize your Social SEO.

  • Get on the Google Plus Local listing bandwagon.   This is a way to ensure that your customers will be able to find your brick and mortar location or the service you offer.  You will also be able to include your store’s hours and days of operation, telephone number, its web site
  • Whichever social media sites you decide to use, be sure to fill out as much information about yourself as you can.  The more information you give the better.  Also use words that are descriptive of your business, as those are the types of words your customers will use when trying to find a business like yours. The better your choice of words, the more likely searching customers will find your store.
  • Your Facebook page is important, as well.  You must have your store’s entire address and telephone number completely and clearly placed on your page.  Link your business web site to your Facebook page and vice versa.  Also, link your social media sites to your web page.  Fill out the “Category” (what business or service you are offering to the public) section, since it too will help users find your page.
  • Join Google Plus and promise yourself that you will spend 10 to 15 minutes on your Google Plus page each day.  Fill out every bit of informational questioning you are asked and use the linking capabilities offered in every way suggested.  Don’t forget to use quality keywords when you are completing your business profile.
  • Use the keywords that you came up with on your Facebook business profile in your social media content.  Also share your website or your blog URL on Facebook to optimize your search engine presence.
  • Don’t forget Twitter.  When you add new content, Google indexes it.  Include your business’s name on your social sites.  This is another way to get Google’s attention.
  • If you are not using Pinterest, begin today.  Because it is such a fun and receives such a large amount of traffic, Google indexes information from Pinterest quickly.  There are several places on your boards, titles of your boards, and on your pins that you can include keywords that will send your site or blog plenty of visitors.
  • Link-building is a must-do when honing your SEO procedures. When quality sites link with yours and you, in turn, link to authoritative sites, your website gets a good reputation.  When Google notices that you are a quality site, it will improve your SERP status.
  • Your content is the key to getting links to your site.  Content is what you write on your website, your blog, what you twitter, what you share in your LinkedIn account, what you post on Facebook.  If what you write is compelling and written well, it will boost your SEO rating.
  • There are also sharing buttons you can add to your web or blog content that allow people to easily share what you have said.

You are ready to improve and customize your SEO standings.  It takes time, but it is worth it.  As you learn more it will become less difficult to implement and more exciting to watch as your site, or blog becomes well visited and your search engine rankings get higher and higher.

Once you cover these basics you can start to really use the social media to power your local and organic ranking.  With our service we can get you mass of social recognition daily and if your website is even a little optimized you’ll are going see your ranking improve.