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How to Improve YouTube Ranking

Improve YouTube Ranking

There is a fairly easy way to improve your YouTube ranking and to have that rank status jump up quickly. You need to be aware that YouTube is, what is called by Google, an “authority site”. This type of site is so high quality and so trustworthy that the site is freely shared among friends. Google is enamored of sites like these and they become Google’s and other search engine’s “pets”. This is a very positive thing for if you post videos on YouTube, because you will, by association at least, be a “star student.” In short, without doing anything at all, you are already in the search engines’ good graces when you upload a video to YouTube and follow these basic steps.

The steps suggested below are by no means magical. There are always many factors that come into play when dealing with ranking. The type of query that is made, the YouTube competitors you will have, the number of backlinks you have, and so forth. Still, this method we are about to explore has the capacity to increase your ranking noticeably.

Improve YouTube Ranking

  • Naturally, your first step is to make an extremely creative video. You are completely in charge of that.
  • Then, be very careful to place your most important keywords in your description, tags, and, of course, your title.
  • YouTube is now ranking videos based on the amount of time they are watched by viewers. This is an even more serious reason to make sure the content of your video is rich, compelling, interesting, and watchable.
  • You will have to do some research to see how your keywords line up against other videos like yours. You can use a social bookmarking site like, or and a backlink site like or Just remember you are optimizing links, keyword comparisons, and your social signals.
  • The keyword element of this equation is going to be a little more involved. There are even some free tools on the market that can be of help.
  • Some online marketers may just be “over” Google AdWords, but Google AdWords Keyword Tool can still be a help. If you enter and then check “Extracted from Web Page”, it will pull keyword suggestions from specific site pages.
  • SEOmoz Term Extractor is another free keyword tool.

Still, the competition for keywords is a bit of a tough egg to crack. The experts say:

  • Look for search results for the market you are focusing on with SEO for Firefox “on” while you are researching. You will get a greater depth of information.
  • has a free tool called the Keyword Niche Finder. Use it to find related keywords that are less competitive.
  • Do a sample of writing and use it to measure how you rank. Once it is published, you can “play” with that composition in order to find useful keywords.
  • You will use more than one tool. Study, read, and get as familiar as you can with the big idea.

Improve YouTube Ranking

A very rewarding aspect of working on the ranking of your YouTube presence is that success can come relatively quickly. If you use the tools available and work on your social signals, in a few days you could be rising up the YouTube ladder.