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Internet marketing in 2014 with googles hummingbird

Hummingbird…sounds like a way to herald in spring.  No, it is a new algorithm out by Google that is changing or will change SEO and content marketing in several important ways.  Part of the reason for the change is the remarkably high usage of mobile devices when searching the internet.  Especially when searching for restaurants, gas prices, or locations, mobile use is extremely high.  When Hummingbird was launched, the language used by Google indicated that the changes were very much intertwined with the growing mobile search dynamic.  This will change the way content marketing is written and it will alter SEO strategies.  Google has made it clear that they are convinced that mobile searching is going to increase dramatically and will change the way online marketing works.

It was Apple that seemed to be ahead on the learning curve when it made voice-based search a choice via Siri.  The idea was to simplify and improve user requests.  Voice-based applications and voice-based search engine access is going to change the way search engines are used, how often they are used, and who will be able to use them.

The queries that users make will become denser and more complicated by virtue of speaking the question rather than typing it.  This should be a heads-up for content writers since keywords will become less of a focus and understanding of detailed questions will become the standard.

Google calls this Natural Language Processing.  The spoken word will allow search engines to use semantics, concepts, and the relationships between words and ideas to better define what the user is asking.  This will change SEO in that keywords will become less significant and long tail content will benefit.  What this means is that instead of looking only for words, search engines will become interested in and will begin to understand concepts.  Keyword importance will dwindle.

This is going to change internet marketing strategies a great deal.  Instead of keyword manipulation, understanding the intent of the search question will become necessary.  Now is a good time to begin thinking of the types of questions customers have and will have and how to interpret those questions in order to provide more complex, information-packed answers.  Ranking on Hummingbird will be based on your understanding of your customer base and on how you provide what your customers need to understand your products and/or service on your website and, more importantly on social media sites.  The mindset needed in this new marketing world is to be sure that you are offering  the most helpful content possible, which will, in turn, assure that your customers are educated and informed.

Google’s Authorship markup is a way to link your content directly to your Google Plus profile pages.  The desired result is that your content becomes authoritative and valuable and that it will be linked to authoritative sites and sources and will be shared with other readers on sites and through sources which are trustworthy, and have stellar reputations and significance.  Internet articles and writing in general, will have to become authoritative, original, and more in-depth to be recognized by Google.

It looks as if Hummingbird is not only going to give high rankings for quality, substantive writing, but will also reward  social media content that is credible and valuable.  It is no longer about numbers, it is about authority.

Google Now is a window into the future and explains well how queries are going to be answered.  Google will understand questions more completely and will questions will be answered in a way that builds knowledge and can be used again to answer future questions.  Not only that, but this kind of answering will eventually be able to predict what the user intends to ask at a later time.  Google Knowledge Graph will answer questions in a manner that will minimize the need to use any other search engine.

Links will also be changed by Hummingbird.  If you post a popular link, your link can impact you positively.  If you post a link and there is little activity connected to that link, it is possible that it will cause negative impact on your site.  More links and less activity connected to that link, will equal a bad rating.

If you want to be a friend of Google, be sure that you are up to date and current on your Google Plus profile.  Using Google Plus might even at some point and in some way affect your SEO.  At the very least, if you want to have a sound Google reputation:

  • Produce original, quality, in-depth content
  • Involve yourself in Google communities
  • Administer and share quality content
  • Establish your Google authorship (


The internet world is changing.  Don’t get left behind.