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Measuring Your Results for more Efficient Online Marketing

Utilizing the power of Online Marketing today to grow your business is becoming a norm in the business world. But how do you analyse data from your Online Marketing programs to assess and refine your strategies for greater efficiency? Let’s discuss the following easy-to-track performance measures: 

Website analytics

You can view your visitor data to know where your most promising leads come from. The quality of your traffic is always more important than the quantity – for example, a referral site that delivers four buying customers may be worth  more  than  one  that  delivers 50 window shoppers. Google Analytics is a great place to start, and it’s free.


The effectiveness of an online ad is easily measured by how many people have clicked on it. Clickthrough rates are higher when the ad has a compelling visual, message or offer, and is placed on the  right websites. 


Your conversion rates reflects how many people who see your ads “convert” into buyers or take a specific action, such as subscribing to your newsletter. Take a look at your  conversion  rates  to  help determine which outreach efforts are most cost-effective.

Phone Number Tracking

Using a unique phone number in your ads lets you see exactly how many calls your campaign has generated. Platforms like AdWords Call Metrics make this easy by assigning a different number to each campaign. This feature, which lets you track calls by ad and shift your spending, provides clear evidence that online marketing can lead to real leads, customers and offline success.

Landing  pages

A landing page is any page on your website where traffic is sent specifically to prompt an action. For example, you might create different landing pages for different display ads. Landing pages let you customize your message and track program performance  accurately. Keep the landing page simple — if you want visitors to buy, make that the focus of the page; don’t distract them with newsletter links,  webcasts, blogs, Facebook links or cute puppy videos.

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