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Mobile & Browser Friendly Marketing Development

There is one thing that can get an SEO expert really upset.  That is when a client hires a web developer to create a website and then calls the SEO consultants to optimize the site.  Why is this so disheartening to the SEO team?  It is a big disappointment because usually the web developers are not experts in the field of optimizing for search engines.  If the SEO team meets with your company before the web developers, they can offer information on design and code that will ensure that the site is built correctly and they can save having to pay more money to change what has already been put into place.

Once the company realizes that it has paid thousands to have its web presence established, but the site will have to be redone in order to have high ranking assured, things go downhill.  There are certain parts of a site development that pretty much makes SEO work useless or impossible.  A few of these are:

  • A site built entirely in Flash
  • A poorly chosen content management system
  • A website that is too dependent on session ID’s
  • A website is built then a mobile site is created.

When SEO consultants design the plans for your website, the developers can take those plans and build a site that is SEO ready.  Of course, there are some web development teams that can design, plan, and build your site, but these kinds of teams are few and far between.  To be sure that your company has the correct blueprint, before the building begins, get your SEO team in-house first.  It will save you much hassle and expense.