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Some Common Misconceptions About SEO

No discussion or article about internet marketing is complete without the mention of SEO. SEO is very vital to an organizations growth and publicity on the Internet, little wonder why it’s the most widely talked about topic among Internet entrepreneurs.

Despite being of such importance on the internet, there are some misconceptions and myths about SEO and a fat load of people actually believe them, unknowingly to them, to their disadvantage. Hence this blog post to bust these myths that leave many at a disadvantage.

Improved Search Rankings using H1 Tags

Contrary to popular beliefs and former traditions that H1 and H2 tags are essential in SEO and increasing your search rankings, these tags are void today in increasing a page search rankings. H1 Tags only come in useful in the organization of blog content; making for easier reading. These tags also make it easier for Web developers to design your page.


SEO is a Scam

There are lots of dishonest SEO companies in existence which sadly many don’t know about and tend to patronize. This myth was as a result of patronizing these fraudulent SEO companies, promising increased traffic and higher search rankings. They charge astronomical fees with little or no explanation about their ‘procedures’.

Most times the methods they employ end up getting your website penalized. The promised traffic is quite well delivered by spamming sites with your links. This is ultimately a bad practice, tarnishing your site’s reputation. Moreover, your rankings start to drop remarkably quickly when the sites that link your pages are certified to be spammers by Google. You definitely do not want that, do you?

People who’ve fallen prey to these dodgy companies then believe SEO to be a scam. But no, SEO is legit and these are ethical companies that employ SEO to raise your site’s rankings through continuous efforts because that’s what SEO involves.


Optimizing for Google gets you covered for all search engines

All search engines work slightly different from each other and Optimizing for only Google can’t get you covered for all of them. Google may account for at least 60% of search the search market but sites like Bing and Baidu operate quite differently.

For instance, Bing, unlike Google, doesn’t value backlinks, it compiles rankings by click-through rates, social signals, page authority and user agreements.

Therefore, if you’re aiming to reach a lot of people as much as possible, you should optimise your page for at least 3 search engines.


HTTPS is only for E-commerce Sites

It may surprise you to know that Google gives ‘preferential’ treatment to sites that are encrypted (sites with the ‘https’ at the start ob their Web pages). Well, why shouldn’t it? Encrypted pages provide confidentiality and integrity. And as it so happens, the amount of encrypted traffic worldwide is more than it unencrypted counterpart.

If you want your website to be given that preferential treatment by Google, getting your page encrypted by an encryption organization is the way to go.

There is no denying that SEO is a lot of value in internet marketing. But so many misconceptions about SEO such as the ones addressed above and inadequate optimization have held a lot of businesses down. If you’re not sure about what you know concerning SEO, call us today at 623-738-1441.



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