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Trusted Digital SEO Combined With Social Media Strategies

Digital strategies for attracting customers in today’s market include the use of social media and Search Engine Optimization.  At this point in the evolution of internet advertising, both of these tactics are crucial.

In combination, these two digital components are vital when planning online marketing enhancement.  One without the other does not make sense.  If a company begins a well-built social media campaign without having established a smart content upgrade, search engines are not going to find the information; audiences will not see the content.

Popular, quality sites online, with relatively good traffic, could actually improve their performance simply by making small adjustments, like the simple act of improving their keyword choices. The more that article writers, bloggers, and individuals who post on the internet, take their writing seriously, the better online content will be.  Careful writing will have the depth needed to make the content relevant.

It has been proven that sharing among social media users can, and often does, improve the online visibility of a brand or product.  Search results will pick up “mentions” in a network community and “sharing” via videos, posts, and messaging.  An excellent case in point is the Marsh Café in San Francisco.  Their cool social media communications have improved traffic to their restaurant markedly, resulting in increased traffic and the hiring of more employees.  In this case, at least, cool interaction with cool people equals cool growth.

SEO programs alone will make no difference at all unless the writing which has been optimized is not being distributed well.  Social media is an organic entity which provides the means to distribute information quickly and enthusiastically.  Information and ideas are shared, linked, commented upon and, sometimes, even voted on.  Marketers are finally realizing how the two are inextricably joined.

A good example of a social media success story is the Oreo brand.  Oreo has used Facebook and Tumblr in creative, fun, and interesting ways to share an interactive and “social” target that attracts Oreo cookie lovers and is winning over fans in other countries in the process.  Oreo didn’t really need the extra push, but they got it anyway.  A simple but powerful formula to remember: Links plus Persuasive and Quality Content yields Search Engine Rewards.

There is a fairly standard method to follow to make the SEO – Social Media dichotomy beneficial, and it goes like this:

First, understand the audience you wish to reach.  Know their behaviors, where on the internet they connect with one another, and their likes and dislikes.  Offered now are software products that track the communication between the leaders and influencers of desired audiences, and the keywords used by the customers a company has targeted.  The software is often referred to as “social listening tools”. The company simply identifies the keywords it is interested in following and the program tracks those words as they are used in social media communities.  It then becomes possible to see trends, topics, and those most involved with the subject area the company wants to investigate.

Understand your objectives as they apply to the social media world.  Make good content; make sharing that information simple.  Notice, if you are doing a Google search for successful online entities, such as Anthropologie, you will also pull up their Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and YouTube accounts. Know that it is content that people share with others.  The content, if easy to find and if it draws the reader in, will be shared among friends in whichever community they choose for connecting with others.  So, for optimum exposure, content has to be excellent, and sharing has to be easy.

It is time to mix it up.  When SEO combines with social media exposure, a company has to look at its marketing tactics in a different way.  A significant amount of time needs to be spent finding where its focus audience is interacting and communicating online.  This new marketing process is not quick and easy.  It requires time invested in knowing and understanding its key audience.  Keywords need to be a top priority and need to be based on the kind of content the audience will connect to and the manner in which, and where, the content is promoted.  That tantalizing mix of SEO, content, and well-chosen promotion comes with careful research and thoughtful output.